Buy an Hour of Support

For about what it would cost you to buy a cup of coffee each day this month, you can help us provide hope to an adult or child with cancer.

Our many programs and services, provided free to cancer patients and their families, have an average cost on average of $58 per hour.  This year, we will provide about 25,000 hours of support groups, workshops, children’s programs, exercise sessions, nutrition seminars, counseling, and more.

For every $58 you donate, you can provide an hour of support—to help a young woman get more information and support to cope with a breast cancer diagnosis . . . to prepare a spouse to become a caretaker who will make a positive difference . . . or to provide guidance to a child who’s too confused and scared to talk about his own – or his parent’s -- illness.

Our services improve both quality of life and the likelihood of recovery. This is not just our opinion, it is one endorsed by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, which said that quality cancer care must address the psychosocial needs of patients with cancer and their families.

Your gift of $58 begins the needed work. A gift of $500 would provide a full month of support groups. $5,000 sponsors a participant for a year of workshops and exercise classes. Making a donation will require only a few minutes to fill out the enclosed form or to make your tax deductible donation online at

Please consider making a pledge for a regular weekly, monthly or annual donation to help us continue serving the growing number of families who need assistance. And, please, help us spread the word about this important work. If you haven’t visited our campus we invite you to come take a tour, experience our tranquil, healing environment, and see your generosity at work.