The Breast Cancer M.A.P. (Mind Affects the Physical) Project

If sharing your cancer journey could enhance the lives of others,
would you help?

You Can!


 WHO:Any woman or man (men get breast cancer too!) who has experienced breast cancer – whether recently diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or years past treatment – is invited to join!

WHAT:Cancer Survivor Registry: The Breast Cancer M.A.P. (Mind Affects the Physical) Project is the first Registry that looks at the emotional and social needs of anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and tracks how your needs change throughout your cancer journey. 

WHY:By joining the M.A.P. Project you can help change the breast cancer experience for the millions who live it every day (more than 2.5 million to be exact). You will also gain access to resources and opportunities to connect with others like you through our Online Community
Joining is free and your information will remain confidential and will not be sold.