Programs & Services

Our programs produce results. In our last comprehensive analysis, 100% of our program participants reported at least one meaningful outcome, and over 75% reported at least five outcomes as a result of participation in our services. The outcomes most commonly cited were:

  1. Decreased psychological stress
  2. Increased quality of life
  3. Increased access to cancer information
  4. A better partnership with the health care team
  5. A better attitude toward illness and treatment

Center for Building Hope

Support Groups for Cancer Patients
The heart of our programs are weekly, ongoing, professionally-facilitated therapeutic support groups for people with cancer. Our support groups are always professionally facilitated and we combine the will of the patient with the skill of the physician. Support group participants explore new ways to deal with their disease and become part of an extended family offering support and encouragement. The underlying philosophy is that participants learn skills which enable them to take control of their situation and reduce fear and loneliness. In doing so, the vision is that cancer patients will improve the quality of their lives and may enhance their chances for recovery. Support groups meet for two hours each week.

Support Groups for Caregivers, Friends and Families of Cancer Patients
Led by facilitators, these groups meet weekly and focus on reducing stress through various skills, such as sharing ideas on supporting a loved one. Our community is unique in offering a support program for people caring for loved ones fighting cancer. We recognize that stress for the caregiver can be as difficult as it is for the patient.

Programs for Children
Our children's programs include support services for children with cancer and for children whose parents have cancer, and support for children whose parents have died from cancer. Programs include individual and family counseling for parents and families, play therapy for children, and counseling for teenagers. All sessions are conducted by experienced, licensed therapists.

Networking Groups
These monthly drop-in groups are organized around a specific cancer diagnosis. Networking group participants share solutions to problems related to treatment for specific cancers such as breast or lung cancer. They are open to both patients and caregivers.

Individual Counseling
These sessions provide brief, problem-focused counseling for cancer-related issues for patients and caregivers. Services are provided by licensed therapists.

Our workshops offer participatory learning opportunities and "Ask the Doctor" sessions with professionals on topics related to learning more about particular cancers, drug therapies, nutrition, mind-body connections and other ways of living with cancer.

Exercise Programs
Our exercise programs are led by qualified instructors who teach participants adapted exercise and movement techniques to aid in their recovery, including Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong.

Couples & Cancer
This discussion group was formed to allow couples to talk about the impact cancer can have on a relationship. Couples explore solutions, insights and how to improve communication to fight cancer together.